Caring about yourself and the planet starts with taking care of the underwear you purchase and the people making your garments.



Designed in Paris, France, with environmental responsiveness JOJO partnered with the amazing team at Fairly Made® to find a garment factory that shared the same strong ethical values to sustainably produce the JOJO boxers.

The factory possesses all the international certifications ranging from GOTS to FairTrade. The employees operate in a safe environment, are paid the living wage and have free meals each day.

JOJO is committed to having ONE complete production chain in ONE country: India. From the seed to your hands, the cotton is carefully picked, spun, dyed, knitted, cut, assembled and packaged in the beautiful region of Kolkata, very close to where the cotton is grown.

As each boxer is made of 100% organic cotton from a traceable source :

  1. the farmers do not use chemicals to grow the cotton, which insures better, safer and healthier working conditions and no chemicals penetrating your skin
  2. they are paid a bonus at the end of the harvest which allows them to support their families
  3. it uses up to 90% less water compared to traditional cotton


Labeling & Packaging

We also wanted the labeling to have the lowest impact on the environment so we made the care labels from recycled plastic bottles and the hang tags from recycled cotton.


Your boxers will arrive in your letterbox in a custom cardboard package, which is entirely recyclable.


International Shipping

JOJO was created to be international from the get go so I wanted to make sure that everyone in the world could get their favorite pair of underwear. However, I am very aware of how this affects the carbon footprint of JOJO.


That is why it was important for me to partner with a shipping company with the same mindset and who considers all of these factors. I found the perfect one who accepts to come pick up the orders when JOJO hits a threshold of 50€ worth of shipping costs.


Here's an example: let's say you live in the United States. Shipping costs are about 9€ for me, living in Paris, to send it to you. So that's 9€ out of 50€ of international shipping costs.


Do not hesitate to contact me at or on Instagram to stay informed.