About JOJO


JOJO is the most wonderful community of people who want to explore and learn about the complexities of our identities, to better understand, embrace and celebrate them.

We want to be uniquely themselves, we want to take back control of the scripts linked to our complex identities, and use that power to care ourselves, others and the world we live in.


At JOJO, we believe that our complex selves exceed the labels and binaries set to limit us. By exploring and shedding light on all the ambiguity, the "grey zone", we can help ourselves and others feel more connected, less weird, and therefore more united.

Through everything done at JOJO, we want to showcase our beautiful differences, develop our capacity for empathy, our critical thinking, our listening skills in order to help us realize how similar our experiences as humans are no matter what we look like, where we come from, who we like and what we do.


Sustainability is one of JOJO's core values. Not only in the production of its content and products but also by being financially sustainable. The first idea is to develop a fantastic line of 2 beautiful boxers made of organic cotton. It was an absolute no brainer to have the most diverse and inclusive cast of models ever seen for an underwear brand: more skin tones, more body types, more ages, more abilities, more identities, more backgrounds. 



JOJO’s digital community was created end of March 2019 and the underwear brand was officially launched in November 2019. For the moment the label will be selling premium organic-cotton underwear, but the JOJO name will be associated with many other exciting projects with its core mission in mind. 


Hey there, I’m Remi Sbardella, the founder of JOJO ! 

JOJO is the cute nickname given to my father when I was younger. My father is, and has been, a very important and influential person in my life, a role model for how I wanted to live in this world: being an ordinary person but doing the most extraordinary things !

The beginning of my twenties was a huge mess, and after spending a couple years navigating the world without too much purpose, I now know that I will do anything in my power to uplift other people's voices, showcase the most talented people I know and work towards a more equitable world. I can't do this without you, so hang on tight, we're in this for one of the most thrilling adventure of our lives !




Also, it means the world to me that you read up until here. To thank you here is a secret promo code for you "PINKFLOWEREMOJI"