About JOJO


Wearing a JOJO Boxer is entering in a community of people who want to be uniquely themselves, take back control of the scripts linked to their gender, and start caring for themselves and the world they live in.

We are all different, but we are all beautiful, valid, human beings.


The JOJO men are on a mission to open-up constructive conversations about positive masculinity and bringing change, awareness, and education to the issues linked to their gender. 


This starts by showing much more diversity and inclusion in the representations of masculinity : more skin tones, more body types, more ages, more abilities, more identities, more backgrounds. 


JOJO’s community on Instagram was created end of March 2019 and the company officially started in November 2019. For the moment the label will be selling premium organic men’s underwear, but the JOJO name will be associated with many other exciting projects with its core mission in mind. 


Hey there, I’m Remi Sbardella, the founder of JOJO ! 

JOJO is the cute nickname given to my father when I was younger.

My father is, and has been, a very important and influential person in my life, a role model for how I wanted to live in this world.

I saw him being uniquely himself, taking control of the script linked to his gender, and the way he took care of himself and the ones around him. These behaviors are the reasons why I created the JOJO community

He taught me to embrace and love everyone’s difference yet how similar we all were as humans.